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About The Adamson

The Adamson, located at 127 South Street in St Andrews, is a great location to dine, drink, and connect. The Adamson designed a series of seasonal menus in 2021 as part of the restaurant's commitment to employing the freshest foods and to sustainability and provenance with its suppliers. The Adamson attends the St Andrews Food & Drink Festival every November as a means to continue to promote and teach young talent entering the business.

The Adamson, which was founded in 2012 by Managing Director Julie Dalton and Director Graham Dalton, is located on a historic property in town. In the early 1800s, the Adamson family resided on the site. Dr. John, their eldest son, was a pioneer photographer as well as a physician. In 1841, he created the first calotype portrait in Scotland.

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Offering The Best Quality

The Adamonson's meals are influenced by classic brasserie cooking, exceptionally seasoned, with a modern touch. A well-balanced assortment of wines, spirits, and cocktails complements the delectable cuisine.

A "brasserie" is a type of French restaurant that serves single dishes and other meals in a relaxing environment. Brasserie also means "brewery" and, by extension, "the brewing industry" in French. Professional service, printed menus, and traditional white linen are all required at a brasserie. In essence, a French restaurant providing savory meals.

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Reviews From Clients:

"IF BEING full is the mark of a good restaurant, the Adamson must be fan-bloody-tastic. Seriously, it would be difficult for an establishment to be more popular if Ma Belle herself turned up for work in a bikini and began pouring free pints for freshers in the first week of term."

"The employees set the tone right away by being friendly and energetic. We went for the lobster risotto and yellow curry halibut. It's a great spot to dine because it's so relaxed. So, thank you for an incredible evening, and particular thanks to James, our server, who made the event even more memorable."

"[What we had] was a sensational piece of cooking. It was inventive and cooked to perfection... The service in here is fabulous. John our waiter was an absolute gem. You can tell when people are happy in their job as it comes across. We always feel thats the case here as everyone is so friendly and courteous."